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A.U.R.A FEST 2019: Review

What do you do when Post-Concert Depression has befallen upon you? You write a review about your experience. For those of you who were in attendance at the Ships of the Sea Museum Gardens on February 16, 2019, for the 12th iteration of A.U.R.A Fest in Savannah, GA, then you understand the pain of Post Concert Depression.

However, let's review the event and discuss our experiences of this All Underground Rock AllDay Festival. It was billed as an underground rock experience and the best bands were in attendance for the event. If you missed out on this mega-rock event, then you missed out on this jam-packed metal extravaganza that was A.U.R.A Fest 2019.

The Underground Station crew arrived at the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, GA and everyone in line was excited to get the event started. You could feel a sense of familial essence among the dedicated Metal-Heads. As the gates opened, it was an easy process to get through the gate and through security. The ticket greeters were very nice, the gate coordinator expedited General Admission, VIP, and Press through the gates smoothly and efficiently. Security was extremely polite and delicate with all our equipment during the inspection process. The total process took no more than one to two minutes.

Once in the Ships of the Sea Museum, you are greeted to a brick wall path and side walks which outline the pathway to the stage area. Shorter walls spread out around the courtyard which is infested with vines and and other beautiful vegetation around the square. It was hard to believe that a Metal Festival awaited us just beyond the pathway to the covered stage area.

Prior to entering the stage area, you could hear the first band already doing their sound check and getting ready to rock out. From the strum of the first note, the early crowd was already intensely moshing and not considering pacing themselves for the long day. Immediately, the Underground Station Crew vigorously set up to catch some of the action of the crowd. You could feel the energy of the crowd and knew it was going to be a great day.

As we ventured off and explored the gardens, which was a historical time journey through a hedge labyrinth. Once through, we discovered a hidden parking lot full of food trucks that were lined up to feed the Metal-Head faithful and the bands performing.

We then ventured to each merchandise table and event sponsor table in an effort to bring home some merchandise from the event. Most bands were hanging out at their merchandise tables talking with fans and taking pictures. Those who weren't had meet and greets scheduled all through the day so fans could bring home the memories of a great experience.

The lineup for the event was a who's who of underground metal. The three headliners were Evergreen Terrace, Fit For An Autopsy and ZAO. They did not disappoint as they whipped the evening crowd into a bloody frenzy. The intensity of the art could be felt through the whole crowd as these metal maestros had the crowd raging their frustrations out in the mosh pit.

If you want to see the full set of each band's performance, then please check out MRSHAMOOZOO's YouTube Channel. Here is one of their videos: Holy + Gold's Full Set

All in all, it was an intense, fun, and exhausting day. It was an experience that will never be forgotten and hopefully we will experience it again next year. We made a lot of new friends and met even more extraordinary people on this Metal-Journey that was A.U.R.A Fest 2019. See you all next year!

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