• Raul Toro

DEADPOOL 2: X-Force Assemble


Fans are excited about the new Deadpool 2 movie, which is out today. The excitement is not only for the title character's return to the big screen, but fans are geared up for Josh Brolin's Cable and Deadpool's version of X-Force.

X-Force is, obviously, associated with the X-men universe. In the movie, Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool is the one who assembles and leads this team of mutants. However, in the comics Cable was the original leader. Thus, the more aggressive and militant approach this team takes towards its enemies as compared to the X-men approach.

As you go to view the new Deadpool 2, here are the confirmed (according to the trailer) team members of X-Force and who is playing them:

Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds

Domino - Zazie Beetz

Shatterstar - Lewis Tan

Bedlam - Terry Crews

Peter - Rob Delaney

Negasonic Teenage Warehead - Brianna Hildebrand

Colossus - Stefan Kapicic

Cable - Josh Brolin

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