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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

We were fortunate to speak with the 22 year-old, emotive, Seattle rocker-- Bexley. She battled in the clubs of Seattle and now is in the scene. Bexley has spent the last 8 years honing those songwriting skills and building her musical chops. By combining her early Seattle roots and influences into an intoxicating mix of alternative-come-grunge, she pays homage to her birthplace while remaining thoroughly modern. This is evidenced in her debut single "Run Rabbit Run" (released October 19th), an empowering song that showcases her guitar skills and her unique vocal style. The video for the single “Run Rabbit Run premiered @ Loudwire and the song has been tapped as “New Music You Need To Hear by Alternative Press.

Raul “The Bull”: Thanks for taking time out of your schedule and joining us for a conversation on The Underground Station today.

BEXLEY: Thanks for having me. Yeah, I’m excited about it.

Raul “The Bull”: For my readers, who this may be the first time being exposed to you, your first single from your up-and-coming EP is called, “Run Rabbit Run”. Can you go into the lyrics and life experience that influenced you to write this single?

BEXLEY: Well actually, this song is suppose to be like a female anthem. When I was growing up and playing in bands and stuff, I was always surrounded by boys and had to learn to be confident in myself as a girl playing a guitar singing with all these other guys around me. That was kind of tough. I started working with [Producer] Aaron Edwards, in Los Angeles, when we were writing this EP. Run Rabbit Run was sort of the first song we wrote together. He was very pro-me playing everything. Playing the guitar, the bass, singing all the parts, so he really pushed me to be confident and this song kind of came out of that. Yeah, so I just want everybody to be strong and that kind of thing.

Raul “The Bull”: I wanted to talk about certain lyrics from, “Run Rabbit Run”.

“You wouldn’t know what to do if you caught me. You wouldn’t know what

to do once you got me.”

Can you kind of go into that a little bit more in-depth?

BEXLEY: Yeah, it’s suppose to be kind of, coy. Sort of like a sarcastic, like,

whoever is chasing you in that moment. Whether, it be someone who is interested in you or whatever. That they wouldn’t know what to do if they got me. It’s inferring that I’m a wild crazy, whatever. It is sort of the character of the song. It’s basically saying that if you are a confident strong person, that sometimes people do not know how to handle that.

Raul “The Bull”: I would agree with that. People do have trouble interacting with strong

confident people.

BEXLEY: Yeah, it’s intimidating. So it’s kind of a little coy reference.

Raul “The Bull”: How tough was it slugging it out in the clubs in Seattle?

BEXLEY: At first, it was difficult. When I was 15, my band would get gigs in local bars and because of the liquor laws, no one under the age of 18 could play certain bars. I would always have somebody shut down my shows and I don’t know if it was because somebody just didn’t like me or what it was. It was tough because you wanted to play these shows, that were bigger ones. I can count ten shows that somebody shut down on me.

Raul “The Bull”: That just shows your drive and perseverance to keep performing your art.

"... this song [Run Rabbit Run] is suppose to be like a female anthem."

BEXLEY: No, it was really fun growing up there and playing in those clubs because they are so legendary. All the cool bands that came out of Seattle also played those clubs. So, we all had the mutual love for that. It was just an awesome place to grow up.

Raul “The Bull”: When did you make the move to Los Angeles?

BEXLEY: I started coming down here [Los Angeles] when I turned eight-teen. I was sort-of making connections with people. Between eight-teen and nine-teen, I made the move to officially move down here. I just turned twenty-two the other day, so it’s been about 3 years.

Raul “The Bull”: Well, Happy belated birthday.

BEXLEY: Thank you!

Raul “The Bull”: Did you write all the songs for the upcoming EP?

BEXLEY: Yes, me and Aaron Edwards co-wrote the songs together. I would bring the songs to him and we would expand on the songs together.

Raul “The Bull”: Can you describe the algorithm you utilize when coming up with a song?

BEXLEY: It varies. Sometimes, I come up with lyrics first. Sometimes, I come up with a riff first. I would say, for the most part, I come up with a guitar riff first. Then, I’ll have some sort-of melodic idea. Usually, I just sing whatever words come to my head first that go along with the melody that I have in my mind. Then, I will change them accordingly if I need to.

I’ll usually start with that and then it will be a chorus or a verse usually. With Aaron, we would then build on that part and then the next part would kind of come out of us.

Raul “The Bull”: Bexley, What can you tell us about the EP coming out in January?

BEXLEY: All right. The EP is called “LOST IN THE MOMENT”. It’s actually a song lyric from one of the other songs on the EP. You will just have to find out which one. I titled it that because we were really lost in the moment when we were making it. That just sort of clicked in my head as the perfect title. It’s really hard hitting in spots. It’s got some alternative stuff. There are five songs total and I think it reflects me as a person really well. I’m really proud of it. It’s coming out January 18th. And, yeah, I am just super proud of it.

Raul “The Bull”: Will the songs on the EP equally emote intense emotional feeling like your current single, “Run Rabbit Run”?

BEXLEY: Yes, every song has its own meaning. They are all topical and they all came from raw emotions from me. I would say everyone of them emotes something special. I honestly can’t wait for other people to hear them.

Raul “The Bull”: We are definitely picking it up when it comes out.


Raul “The Bull”: Do you have any final words to fans and young rockers?

BEXLEY: Be you, be confident in you, do what you love and do it well. That is what my guitar player likes to say. Be Confident.

This was just an excerpt of the interview with Bexley. The interview, in it's entirety, will be posted in our PODCAST Section .

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