• Raul Toro

JURASSIC WORLD: Review of Fallen Kingdom

Why would we go to the movies to see a movie with many plot holes and a continuity lost in the franchise? Well, CGI Dinosaurs is the only reason I can think of going to see this movie. That, and if you have children.

The first Jurassic World wanted to be so much like the original that is forgot to develop most of it's characters, its story or provide some spectacular action sequences. However, Fallen Kingdom has totally sold out to its visual effects and the fame of it's co-stars to lift it to a high-grossing film for the summer.

There is a moral saving grace for this movie. The underlining message is that all sentient beings deserve to live. That we all must learn to live together and when violence is initiated against a sentient being, they will defend their life in order to live.

In the end, it's a movie about dinosaurs. This in itself is pretty cool. There is something about seeing a dinosaur in a book, a dinosaur bone or a CGI dinosaur on the big screen that brings out the child's curiosity in all of us. For that reason, it is well worth the money to splurge in an IMAX theater.

Jurassic World is in theaters now and you can pick up your tickets at the box office of your local theater.

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