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MEATSPACE: Interview

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

MEATSPACE is a three piece metal band from Sarasota, Florida. They oozes diversity in their songs, they deliver a hard-punched message about their observations of the real world and also they bring a bit of sarcasm and some tongue and cheek humor to their lyrics. They have a hard hitting Metal sound that will leave your tantalized ears wanting more.

The Underground Station’s own Raul “The Bull” had the pleasure and privilege to sit down with Shawn Bowen (Vocals, Guitar), G.J. Gosman (Drums) and Arnas Gineitas (Bass) of MEATSPACE during their CD Release party for BREAD AND CIRCUSES, at the 5 O’Clock Club in Sarasota, Florida on January 4, 2019.

If you want to hear the interview in it's entirety, then go to our Podcast Section to hear the 30 minute interview which includes the musical journey's of each member of the band.

This is an excerpt of that interview.

Raul "TheBull": So let’s talk about your new CD since this is your release party.

Shawn: BREAD AND CIRCUSES. Raul "TheBull": I have only sampled them on the website. So, I want to talk about "777". Where did you come up with the title of that track and could you go a little in depth to that song?

Shawn: In that song it’s just kind of a sarcastic kind of thing that, in these times, Americans feel like we are so lucky or something, but it’s all just a farce. It’s not real; you know? The 777 is always, like, on the gambling places and stuff. I kinda like put that in there as a sarcastic...sort about the American Dream.

Shawn Bowen (Vocals, Guitar)

G.J.: Plus the song is in 7.

Shawn: Yeah, that too.

Raul "TheBull": The song is in 7?

Arnas: It’s in 7/8

G.J: Yeah, the time signature is in 7.

Raul "TheBull": See that technical stuff right there, most people don’t understand that about music. Music is simply numbers in time. All that plays into getting the crowd to do what you want and to feel what your expressing.

Shawn: Time is a man-made concept anyway, so as musicians, we can change the way it flows and that second can be longer or shorter.

Arnas: The thing with us is that we are more about flow than actually timing. It’s about flow.

Raul "TheBull": Overall how would you describe this album? For people who don’t know anything about Meatspace.

G.J.: Diversity. Every song is just different. Every song is diverse. And it has its own aspect.

Arnas: It’s [diversity] hard to find these days. You pick up an album and it’s like the same song ten times over and I’m like... I like this song, but I would like to hear something else.

Arnas Gineitas (Bass)

Shawn: It’s all very raw it’s not over produced and quantized, like most music now a days. I was going for... ...we did it at my house in my studio and I was going for that sorta’ Raining Blood or like the first Slipknot. The production values of that, it was just raw, dry and raw.

G.J.: It’s not over produced.

Arnas: We like to make everything feel natural. Everything is somehow, you know, handmade. Whether it’s literally or metaphorically, everything, we like to put our hands in it and really go with it. We don’t like to over produce anything or edit or over edit or anything like that. We like the natural real raw kind of thing.

Raul "TheBull": I know the feeling, when podcasting, people always tell me, “You didn’t edit that, did you?” My reply is no because...

Arnas: ...because you lose the feel.

Raul "TheBull": Yes.

Shawn: That is part of the whole concept of the band. I mean MEATSPACE means the real world, as opposed to cyberspace, so we don’t want the record to feel like a computerized record or anything.

Raul "TheBull": Let’s talk about lyrically what can we expect on the album? I saw some of the titles and I can’t wait to hear the lyrics.

Shawn: Well, I wrote all the lyrics and I am somewhat a little politically irritated these days. So there is a lot of that little sarcasm but it’s overall not really negative. Though it is kinda bitching about current situations and stuff. I try to, at least, try to offer some kind of solution rather than just bitching all the time in the lyrics, but they are somewhat political about modern times like, you know, "I HOPE YOU GAG ON MY DATA", is about the NSA and stuff like that.

Arnas: ...and as you can tell we kind of have some comical twist or something. We do not do anything to seriously, because like if you get too serious about everything you’re going to be depressed the whole fuckin’ time. I’d rather laugh about the situation you know and Shawn is so good at doing all of that. He will lay out the issue he will provide solutions but at the same time will laugh about it all.

Shawn: ...and plus I don’t want to draw lines in the sand and have people not like our band because of a political stance or something. It’s cool to talk about it, but we don’t always need to be assholes about it, so we add a little bit of tongue and cheek humor to the lyrics.

G.J. Gosman (Drums)

Arnas: The world is divisive enough.

G.J.: Yes, we don’t need that.

Raul "TheBull": Yes, especially with the method of manipulation of Divide and conquer being so prevalent now.

Arnas: We preach love.

Raul "TheBull": So is there anything you want the readers/listeners to know about MEATSPACE, the new album or anything else?

Shawn: You know we are just happy to be playing music. We have been kind of laying low for the last year because we wanted to finish the album. Hopefully in the coming year we will be playing and getting out there. It Just seemed without t-shirts or a CD we were just spinning our wheels playing shows so it’s nice to be playing a show again. Keep an eye out because we will be playing more this year.

This was an excerpt of this interview. If you want to learn the history of Shawn, G.J. and Arnas; the trio known as MEATSPACE, then go to the Podcast Section.





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