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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Ozzy Osbourne's "NO MORE TOURS 2" officially kicked off today at Welcome to Rockville at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, Florida.  There are rumors that this will be the veteran rocker's last tour.  However, the Godfather of Heavy Metal addressed the crowd stating, “Let me tell you something. I’ll never retire. I ain’t going nowhere.”  

As the night blanketed the partly cloudy skies and the full moon, visibly behind the Main stage, Ozzy and company emerged from the darkness with a purple cross in the background and a visual display of lasers dancing in the illumination of the moon.  The stage was set for the Prince of Darkness to have his way with the Rockville crowd.  The 69 year old Rock Icon had amazing energy and sounded as good as ever.

Also, let's not forget about his band-mates who brought just as much energy as The Madman did.  The beats were thunderous, the riffs evoked personalities of the past.  So much so, that the whole crowd was mega-charged to sing along to "War Pig".  Helping Ozzy out was guitarist, Zakk Wylde, who climbed down to the crowd and played his solo, in-part  behind his back.  Then, it was Tommy Clufetos's  solo on the skins and it was pleasing to audio receptors.

All in all, it was a very exciting way to close out day one at Welcome to Rockville.  Ozzy played all the songs that you would expect him to play and everyone was treated to a spectacle of lasers, smoke machines, lights and amazing music.  It was very much a metal rock opera that did not let anyone in attendance down.


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