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ROCKVILLE: Day 1 Review

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Post-Concert Depression has befallen all of us who attended Monster Energy's Welcome To Rockville, from Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, Florida. It was billed as the biggest Rockville yet and the best bands were in attendance for the event. If you missed out on this mega-rock event, then you missed out on Florida's three day extravaganza that was Welcome to Rockville.


The TCRN Crew (Soon to be The Underground Station) arrived early to Metropolitan Park in order to survey the landscape, to set-up, and to check in at the vent. The line was already snaking all the way from the main entrance to the Jacksonville Jaguars's parking lot at Everbank Stadium. As we passed the General Admission line, you could feel the excitement in the air as hundreds of people were eager to make their way into the event 1 hour before any bands were scheduled to play. Everyone was in good spirits and you could feel a sense of familial essence among the dedicated faithful.

As we went through security, which was very thorough, but not as time consuming as

one would think, and we were in and ready to check in. We immediately walked to each stage to determine where the best real estate would be. Then ventured off to see where the best spots were to eat. On this day we chose Island Noodles as our dinner meal. While during the day we would eat a huge breakfast and live off water and Powerade.

Since we didn't want to miss the band that we would later interview on Saturday, we claimed a spot that was front and center of the River Stage, in order to see Them Evils perform. This was the opening experience , for the TCRN, at Welcome to Rockville.

They did not disappoint. The performance was reminiscent of the old school rock bands of the past. DAVID DELANEY, (Drummer), jump behind his kit and started thumping the heartbeat of "Untold" (from EP: Rollin' Stoned and Livin' Free). JORDAN GRIFFIN then laid down the guitar and vocals while the crowd's heads were bobbing along with the beat of the song. JAKE MASSANARI, (the bands bassist), would jump into the crowd and whip them into a frenzy as they played out their set and would end with him climbing the to the stage rafters.

Next, we took in the sounds of Texas Hippie Coalition. These guys were fun and they blew away the crowd that had formed at the Monster Energy Stage. BIG DAD RICH was a very charismatic and crowd interacting front-man. We would later see him backstage and his presence was almost over-whelming. At the conclusion of the their performance, we took a breather and gulped down some much needed water and Powerade.

Immediately, we hustled back over to the River Stage to catch Bad Wolves perform. They had the crowd whaling their remake of The Cranberries, "Zombie", in a tribute to the late great Dolores O'Riordan. Tommy Vext had the Jacksonville crowd singing their songs louder than he or his band could play it through the speakers. It was truly an amazing experience for a band who's album doesn't even come out until May 11th.

Finally, before dinner, we caught the last three songs from Florida natives--Trivium. It seemed the later the day got the more intense the bands were each performance better than the previous, and Trivium was no exception. The sound-waves pulsed with every note and every beat and seemed to push the crowd back a step, but the crowd pushed back moving closer and getting louder as the performance carried on. As they exited the stage, we rushed to the Island Noodles stand to get us some delicious noodles mixed with anything you can imagine.

As we filled our bellies, we head toward the Monster Energy Stage to watch Tampa's own--Underoath perform. They had the crowd rocking and at times in a trance with their sounds, deep rock screaming and tight lyrics.

We then watched the charismatic Bert McCracken of The Used perform a spectacular set from the Monster Energy Stage. We then swiftly made our way to the Metropolitan Stage to listen to the power vocals of Lzzy Hale and Halestorm. This had to be the most energetic band of the night with their ever so energetic vocalist leading the charge.

After a much needed break, we headed over to the Monster Energy Stage to watch the end of Five Finger Death Punch's performance as Ivan L. Moody's voice could be heard all the way from the River Stage, which was a hike from the Monster Stage and the sound was being projecting in the opposite direction. Now that's a voice.

Following Five Finger Death Punch, we split the team up between Atreyu and Godsmack. Atreyu, figuratively, kick the door down and started beating down the crowd with their fast paced and hard thumping melodies. As the end of their set was approaching, we met up with the rest of the team to finish watching Godsmack's performance. They had a tight performance which included a pyrotechnics display as well.

Lastly, was the man himself. The man they call Ozzy. It was a brilliant display of laser lights and visual effects that captivated the crowd as Ozzy took the stage and mesmerized all those in attendance. This was one heck of a way to start off his tour and to end day one at Welcome To Rockville.

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