• Raul Toro

WHY I DO NOT VOTE: The Logical Reason

Election year is upon us and the serfs are again out in mass to vote for their new landlords. People have been asking me lately, “Who are you voting for?” I usually laugh and then hit them with the worst response one can give a serf, “I don’t vote.” The predictively programmed serf's response is always the same, “If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain!” My response, “That is actually a logical fallacy, specifically the Arbitrary Qualification Fallacy." It is a non-argument. Why? Well because it doesn't interact with truth because it makes no points, it refutes no points, it presents no evidence, and it uses no logical reasoning that's valid in any way. It's an attempt to get people to stop their discourse before it begins by setting up an arbitrary qualification to speak. It is logical to have someone scold you for complaining because you didn't make a decision between two arbitrary choices you did not like? No it is not. Me pointing out that something is wrong or complaining should not be contingent on a choice I made or didn't make to vote. It is a form of manipulation that was designed to keep individuals from speaking.

Methods of manipulation have created this predictive fallacious programing that has echoed continuously in my lifetime. This is the Illusionary Truth Effect that is used against us day after day through the controlling of the Mass Media. The Illusionary Truth Effect is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. There are plenty of things that the majority of the populace believe, that are unequivocally not true. But lately, one particularly odious delusion has begun taking center stage again -- the belief that only those who vote and accept the system, as it is, have a right to seek to alter it.

So, from what dementia comes the logic that if you fail to willingly cooperate in the process of your own enslavement, then you have no right to be angered at the actions of your unchosen masters? However, the government still forces its power upon the unconsented. Yet, we exist, all of us, under a system of government that almost no one alive today has consented.

I hold that there is no one in government who represents me, and that whether I vote or not, this will not change.

Logic Brake Down

My Choice The Result

I don’t vote. No one in power represents me.

I vote for myself, I lose. No one in power represents me.

I vote for a minor-party candidate

with views close to mine, they lose. No one in power represents me.

I vote for one of the two “real” candidates.

They win or lose. No one in power represents me

In conclusion, we must ask the question: What is the justification of voting? If the justification for voting is that the government is 'representative', then there is no justification for voting because no matter the outcome, the individual is not represented. Government most assuredly does not represent me. The very nature of government is tyrannical. It is predicated on the proposition that some people have a right to tell other people how to live. Furthermore, if you vote, if you participate in the great con-game, then know the truth, government does not represent you or your best interests. This is more than enough cause to complain and if you voted or not--is irrelevant.

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